Welcome to Offington Observatory

You have reached the Offington "Observatory” web site. My name is Dave Sexton, a Simulation Systems Architect based in Worthing, West Sussex, England.

I have had an interest in Astronomy for many years, but I have only returned to it as an active hobby over the past  four years or so. My main interest lies in imaging rather than observing, and these pages are intended to record my progress as I slowly build experience in this challenging hobby. Despite four years of experience, my work schedule and the British weather present me with  limited opportunity to practice Astrophotography; as such, I still consider myself to be something of a “newbie”. While I am past failing to get something useful more often than not, I still have my share of failure and I am very much learning something new all the time!

As well as posting the results of my endeavours, I aim to share information that I collect along the way such as useful formulas, practical hints and tips etc.

Latest Image    

A Portion of IC1318 "The Gama Cygnus Nebula" - 16/06/09